Goal of podcast:

to educate, inspire and empower.

-Modern Design Minds

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Amy Kearns, the owner of Amy Lynn Interiors joined with Melissa to create the Modern Design Minds podcast. She is eager to help rise the design industry as whole. As Johnny from The Modern Craftsman says, "when the tide rises we all rise." Amy has been in the industry for 8+ years and wants to share the good and ugly side of her journey. 




Melissa Manzardo Hryszko, the co-owner of Veranda Estate Homes joins Amy Lynn on the Modern Design Minds. The goal of the podcast is to give others in the trade a platform to educate each other on. Melissa has been in the industry for 18+ years and has great insight for the listeners.

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Doug Duvall is the man behind the scenes. He's the owner of Puffin Media and joined with Amy and Melissa to bring the Modern Design Minds podcast to life. He does all the editing for the videos, marketing and audio for the ladies. In case you're wondering what the "meows" are in the podcast, it's to cover up any inappropriate language. If you're curious who's cat it is, it is our lovely Melissa imitating one. 


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